AHSU Technology Transfer Office Will Speed Up Domestic Production and Entrepreneurship Activities

Committed to contributing to domestic health technology and pharmaceutical production, Afyonkarahisar Health Sciences University Technology Transfer Office, has been registered on the Trade Registry in Afyonkarahisar Commerce and Industry Room and it was announced  no. 9885 dated August 7, 2019 in Turkey trade register newspaper and began its activities.

AHSU-TTO, whose main function is to accelerate research, technology development, innovation and technology-based entrepreneurship activities in the field of domestic drug production, medical aromatic plants, medical device technologies and health tourism in Afyonkarahisar and its region, set out to ensure its best use for the benefit of the country and the world.

AHSU-TTO will Focus on Products with National and International Recognition

The vision of AHSU-TTO, which defines its mission as implementing university-industry cooperation by providing one-to-one service with a proactive approach and result-oriented activities, is to ensure the commercialization of nationally and internationally recognized products at the end of the next five years within the scope of university-industry cooperation and establishing effective communication with its stakeholders, to have a sustainable structure that has completed its institutionalization.

AHSU-TTO will serve in the following areas in line with its main purpose: to increase the availability of natural and technological infrastructure, to contribute to the need for R&D-oriented knowledge and production, to develop university-industry cooperation, to register and protect intellectual property rights, to ensure marketing and commercialization of entrepreneurship culture, to provide development, venture capital support, incubation center establishment, business guidance, consultancy and training services.

AHSU-TTO Will Activate the Commercialization Potential of Information

The company’s coordinator Dr. Mustafa Canbaz made statements about AHSU-TTO, which carried out its first activity with the Medicinal and Aromatic Plants Workshop, held on 19-20 September.

Stating that AHSU-TTO’s aim is to accelerate the innovation and technology-based entrepreneurship activities in the fields of domestic drug production, medical and aromatic plants, medical device technologies and health tourism in Afyonkarahisar and its region, Dr. Mustafa Canbaz said that they wanted to activate the commercialization potential of knowledge by transferring AHSU’s academic knowledge to the field of technology.

Dr.  Mustafa Canbaz said, “AHSU-TTO was established to support the commercialization of the ideas or projects of everyone, both from the academic community and from our external stakeholders, personally and institutionally.

He said that in addition to technical support such as designing R&D activities and providing financing, they also want to contribute to basic activities such as intellectual property rights of the inventions of individuals, registration procedures, commercialization and marketing of products and incorporation.

Our First Activity Was a Medicinal and Aromatic Plants Workshop

Reminding that they carried out their first activities by organizing AHSU-TAB, Dr. Mustafa Canbaz stated that this scientific event was concluded successfully in terms of consultation with relevant institutional stakeholders on opportunities and models to bring the natural aromatic plant richness of the region to the health sector in line with the purpose of AHSU-TTO.

Our Rector Prof. Dr. Nurullah Okumuş hosted the opening ceremony of AHSU Technology Transfer Office Medical and Aromatic Plants Workshop (AHSU-TAB) held at Korel Thermal Hotel on September 19-20. The attendents were Governor Mustafa Tutulmaz, Presidency Special Representative for Iraq and Afyonkarahisar Deputy Prof. Dr. Veysel Eroğlu, Deputy of Afyonkarahisar  Ali Özkaya, Antalya Deputy and Chairman of the Assembly Medical and Aromatic Plants Research Commission, Forest Eng. İbrahim Aydın, Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Akif Özkaldı, Member of the Presidency Economic Policies Board Dr. Hakan Yurdakul, Deputy Mayor of Afyonkarahisar Municipality Süleyman Karakuş, AKU Rector Prof. Dr. Şuayip Özdemir, Bar Association President Turgay Şahin, AFSU Vice Rectors Prof. Dr. Adem Aslan and Prof. Dr. Ümit Dündar, protocol members, many academics from different universities, representatives of ministries, departments and branches, and students.

We Started Work For A Center Where R&D Activities Will Be Conducted

Dr.  Mustafa Canbaz said that AHSU-TTO, which will realize the university-industry cooperation by providing one-to-one service with a proactive approach and result-oriented activities, aims to have a sustainable structure that establishes effective communication with its stakeholders by ensuring the commercialization of products with national and international recognition in a 5-year period.

Emphasizing that they will provide infrastructure to transform the natural resources of our region into high value-added products, Dr. Mustafa Canbaz said: “In AHSU, we are focused on the domestic production of medicinal plants as well as the transformation of aromatic herbs into value-added products. In this direction, we started working for a center where R&D activities will be carried out by researchers and private sector entrepreneurs within the university.

We hope that the results achieved in AHSU-TAB will guide both our country and our region, our university and researchers for the upcoming activity periods. On the other hand, we have attempts to increase the use of thermal waters, another natural wealth of our region, in the field of health, from the national market to the international level with tourism. We are also closely following the efforts to establish a health industry zone in Afyonkarahisar on this issue.

We Attended the International Technology Transfer Offices Congress

Our office has participated in the International Technology Transfer Offices Congress held in Eskişehir between 26.09.2019 and 28.09.2019 and held bilateral meetings on the work and development of Technology Transfer Offices.

TTO Policies, Innovation Management and Innovation Marketing, Role of NGOs and Public Institutions in Technology Transfer Offices, Entrepreneurship Ecosystem, TTOs from the Viewpoint of the Industry, New Generation TTO Approaches and Sustainability, R&D Efficiency of Innovation Supports, National and International Technology Transfer Networks , Human Resources Management in TTOs, FSMH Valuation Methods and Commercialization of Research Outputs, Effects of TTOs on University Management and Innovation Management of Universities and Strategic Management in Priority Areas were discussed at the Congress.

AHSU-TTO website started to be broadcasted with the domain name tto.afsu.edu.tr and continues to operate on entrepreneurship, support and calls.

Stating that most of the nearly 200 Technology Transfer Offices in our country should continue their activities as a joint stock company within the next year in accordance with the Regulation dated December 7, 2017, Dr.  Mustafa Canbaz also noted that in this regard, AHSU-TTO is one of the first companies to fulfill this obligation.

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