Student Societies for the Most Events in 2019 Awarded

AFSU Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Ümit Dündar and Head of Health, Culture and Sports (HCS) Department Filiz Özden Yılmaz met with club and community presidents at the 2020 Student Clubs and Communities Consultation Meeting.

 At the meeting where from the Press and Public Relations Unit.  Lecturer Ceyda Hancıoğlu Karaman and Lecturer İbrahim Şamil Köroğlu were also present, the presidents of AFSU Medical Students Association, which had the most activities with 18 activities in 2019, AFSU Paramedic Community with 11 activities and AFSU FTR Community with 10 activities were awarded.

At the meeting held in the AFSU Faculty of Medicine meeting hall, issues related to the activities organized by the clubs and communities last year and planned for this year and other agenda items were discussed.

Speaking at the meeting, Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Ümit Dündar said that as AFSU administration, they carefully follow the activities of all student groups.

Stating that they attach importance to the active work of clubs and communities for the social, cultural and sportive development of students in AFSU, as a thematic university whose organizational structure continues to develop,Prof. Dr. Dündar stated that they will continue to provide the necessary support to the events from now on as they have done until now.

Filiz Özden Yılmaz, Head of HCS Department, shared the details of the activities of AFSÜ student clubs and societies in 2019 at the meeting. Stating that they wish the student clubs and societies to carry out more effective activities every time by using the means available in the most efficient way, HCS Department Head Filiz Özden  Yılmaz gave reminders about the issues that clubs and communities should fulfill within the framework of the university legislation.

Head of HCS Department Yılmaz stated that the existing 23 clubs and societies are working in coordination with SKS and related administrative units to create the necessary infrastructure to carry out activities that will bring value and awareness not only to AFSU’s students but also to individuals receiving health services from AFSU.

Drawing attention to the synergy that clubs and their communities will provide by acting in coordination with their own members and with other clubs and societies, HCS Department Head Yılmaz said that they want student clubs and communities to take active roles and responsibilities in the projects that AFSU plans to implement with different public institutions.

The meeting, where the necessary issues to publicize the events more effectively were informed by the representatives of the Press and Public Relations Unit, ended with the presentation of awards to the heads of the first three societies that signed the most events in 2019, after the clubs and community leaders expressed their suggestions.

Güncelleme Tarihi: 29 March 2021