Great Interest to the University of Health AFSU in Virtual Fairs

Our academic and administrative staff successfully represented AFSU in virtual fairs organized by the Higher Education Council (YÖK) and the private sector in order to promote Turkish universities in Turkey and abroad. AFSÜ team informed about 3500 local and foreign students about the education provided and the opportunities our university has at three different fairs.

AFSÜ participated in the Study in Turkey YÖK Virtual Fair 2020, Discover Your University YÖK Virtual Fair 2020 and the Plus Preference Online University Choice Fair, which were organized for the first time this year.

At the Study in Turkey YÖK Virtual Fair 2020, which lasts for three days, questions from students who live abroad and who consider to choose AFSU were answered instantly between the hours of 08.00 and 20.00 by our academic and administrative staff with the organization of AFSÜ International Relations Application and Research Center and the Department of Health, Culture and Sports. AFSU stand attracted great attention in the fair where the visual material prepared on behalf of our university with the contributions of the Press and Public Relations Unit, shared with participants from 142 countries.

190 higher education institutions as well as the Higher Education Council, the National Agency of Turkey, Turks Abroad and Related Communities Presidency Yunus Emre Institute, Ministry of Education Foundation of Turkey participated in Study in Turkey YÖK Virtual Fair 2020 between 20-22 July 2020 held at the YÖK . This fair, where 40 thousand students from 164 countries registered in three days, was visited 60 thousand times.

Taking into account the risks that may arise due to the new type of coronavirus (Covid-19) epidemic, “Discover Your University YÖK Virtual Fair 2020” was organized by YÖK on August 4-7 in order to introduce the programs to be preferred by university candidates in digital environment by higher education institutions.

On this fair, AFSU’s programs, departments, accommodation and scholarship opportunities in Afyonkarahisar, social and cultural activities in particular, and the opportunities offered to students were explained, was accessed via the address “”. Approximately 1 million stand visits were made in this fair, which was visited approximately 250 thousand times by 153 thousand registered people in four days and visited 1 million 170 thousand pages.

AFSÜ took its place at the Online University Preference Fair organized by Artı Tercih Fair Organization, between 27 July and 10 August. In this fair where Our Rector Prof. Dr. Nurullah Okumuş also made a live presentation, many students from all over the country found answers to their questions about AFSU.

Thanking AFSU Fair Team for their successful organization, Prof. Dr. Okumuş stated that they aim to make much more efficient fair organizations in the following years with the experience obtained in three fairs participation this year.

Güncelleme Tarihi: 29 March 2021