Saplings Meet Soil in AHSU Medical and Aromatic Plants Forest

Our Rector Prof. Dr. Nurullah Okumuş brought the saplings to the soil together with the protocol members at the ceremony organized for the “AHSU Medical and Aromatic Plants R&D Forest” created in the Saraydüzü Afforestation Field.

Governor Gökmen Çiçek, Presidency Iraqi Special Representative and Afyonkarahisar Deputy Veysel Eroğlu, Deputies Ali Özkaya, İbrahim Yurdunuseven, Mayor Mehmet Zeybek, AKU Rector Prof. Dr. Mehmet Karakaş, Eskişehir Regional Director of Forestry Recep Temel and representatives of the institutions attended to “AHSU Medical and Aromatic Plants R&D Forest” ceremony of sapling planting that is established in cooperation with our university and General Directorate of Forestry.

3000 saplings will be planted in a 100 decare area

About 100 decares of “AHSU Medical and Aromatic Plants R & D Forest” was created in the Saraydüzü Forestation Area in Fethibey for the plantation of high value-added woody, bushy and herbaceous plants that can adapt to the region by AHSU and the Afyonkarahisar Forestry Directorate of Eskişehir Regional Directorate. Approximately 3000 trees and saplings of shrubby species will be planted in this area.

Speaking at the ceremony, which started with a minute of silence and the reading of the Turkish National Anthem, Former Minister of Forestry and Water Affairs, Presidency’s Special Representative for Iraq and Deputy Veysel Eroğlu said that Afyonkarahisar is an important region in terms of medical and aromatic plant cultivation.

Stating that medical and aromatic plants have a trade volume of 115 billion dollars a year, Eroğlu said: “Our plant diversity, plant inventory is as much as the whole of continental Europe. While there are 12 thousand species in Europe, there are 11 thousand 550 plant species in our country. 3,600 of them are also endemic. So, this is a great wealth, Turkey is standing on a very large diversity of nature. “

We Continue to Work and Develop

In his speech at the ceremony, taking attention that AHSU’s vision of social benefit has a holistic perspective that includes R&D activities as well as qualified education and application studies needed in the field of health, our Rector Prof. Dr. Nurullah Okumuş said, “We continue to work and develop continuously in the field of qualified health, education and qualified health services in accordance with world norms, which is our main duty.”

Prof. Dr. Okumuş continued his words as follows: “We have grown our academic staff by about 50% with the works we have done primarily to expand our teaching staff and to meet our need for academicians in the fields we need. We opened new sections. We started educational services at the Faculty of Pharmacy. We have achieved physical growth and renewal in areas we need in both health service delivery and education. We increased the number of intensive care beds and operating rooms. We started pediatric bone marrow transplants at our university. Our Cardiology and Cardiovascular Surgery departments have been registered as “Cardiology Center” this week. This is an important development for both our city and our region. Last week, we started the construction of additional 4-storey sections that will include new pediatric emergency, pediatric outpatient clinics and surgical endoscopy, ERCP departments and a sterilization unit.

Moreover, the construction of our 4-storey guesthouse and palliative care center has been completed. It has reached the stage of interior equipment and furnishing. In March, we are starting the construction of 5-storey Dentistry hospitals and polyclinics, which will allow the dentistry faculty in the city center to be included in the campus. In addition to these places to be built with the support of our donors, I hope we will lay the foundation of our construction in 2021, in which the central classrooms, lecture theatres, laboratories, administrative units of pharmacy, dentistry and health sciences faculties will take place.

We Will Build an R&D Center

In addition to the work in the field of education and health service delivery, our work in the field of thermal health, medicine and medical-aromatic plants, which we set ourselves as a target, continues at full speed. For this purpose, the construction of our pharmaceutical production facility, which is manufactured in an internationally approved quality, has been completed and we are at the working stage regarding the equipment and device park. Furthermore, we are starting the construction of an R&D center that will serve in the field of medicine and medical devices in March.

In addition to all these, we have started the construction of GETAT center and pharmaceutical bioavailability, bioequivalence and Phase I studies laboratories and clinics, which are an important need of both our university and our country, and which are only 3 in our country in the stages of drug and medical useful product development. When all these are completed, our university and our city will become a base for drug development and production. We have already started to get the first results of our work. Currently, one of our 2 herbal-based drug studies has been completed and we are at the clinical trial stage.

We Want to Open a Medical and Aromatic Plants Department

We continue to work together with the leaders and top managers of our city in the field of thermal health. Another target of ours is the field of medical and aromatic plants, as I mentioned before. Hopefully, with the promise we received from our President of YÖK, we have come a long way in opening a Medical and Aromatic Plants Department within our university.

Our university continues to produce social benefits with the work it carries out with stakeholder institutions. In this context, first of all, meetings were held with the General Directorate of Forestry, then a comprehensive protocol was signed with the Regional Directorate of Forestry, and we started a study with the Forestry Operation Directorate, which we believe will achieve extremely important benefits for Afyonkarahisar.

About 3000 trees and shrubs will be planted in this area. In addition, it is planned to grow some herbaceous medical and aromatic plants as under forest crops. Different varieties of Cedar, Linden, Walnut, Pecan, Almond and Chestnut were selected as woody plants. Goji Berry, Raspberry, Blackberry, Currant and Aronia form the bushy types. In addition to these species, plantation of rare and extraordinary plant species such as Big Goumi, Naşi, Pawpaw, Medlar, Outside Red Apple, Sinap Apple, Fall Olive and Virginiana Date is also reserved.

There will be an Application Site for Academicians and Students

This area will provide a field of application for research and development activities to academicians and graduate students who are conducting scientific studies in the field of drug development. On the other hand, it is certain that a significant added value can be provided to the economy of the city and the region with the industrial production of various plants. Therefore, we hope that various standard and final products produced in our field will create new fields of activity for the farmers and industrialists of our region.

From here, we aim to obtain herbal raw materials to be used in the development of domestic pharmaceuticals with the work of both academics and farmers and industrialists. It is also aimed to inform the public about medical and aromatic plants in the best way by creating public recreation areas, together with the P&D and R&D studies in this field.

Another goal of our university, as a health-themed university, is to contribute to the development of our forests, the source of oxygen, which is the raw material of health, with social responsibility awareness. To contribute to the forestry activities that our minister gave great importance to and contributed greatly during his ministry and to bring a different perspective while doing this is another goal of us. I hope that the number of such forests will increase in our country and we will grow our forest even more in the coming years.

We would like to thank our Eskişehir Forest Regional Manager Mr. Recep Temel, our Afyon Forestry Department Manager, Mr. Gökhan Uz, our Minister of Forestry Mr. Veysel Eroğlu, our esteemed Governor Gökmen Çiçek who have never withheld his support since the day he arrived, our esteemed deputies, our esteemed neighbourhood representative. I also would like to express my endless thanks to the rectorate of Afyon Kocatepe University, the management of the center of medical and aromatic plants and my valuable colleagues. “

After the speeches, the sapling planting area was started. Governor Gökmen Çiçek and protocol members brought the saplings to the soil.

Güncelleme Tarihi: 29 March 2021