We Qualified for Erasmus + ECHE Accreditation

The ECHE (Erasmus Charter for Higher Education) Application submitted to the European Commission by AHSU International Relations Application and Research Center was evaluated by independent referees and our university, which received 100 full points, was awarded ECHE accreditation for the period 2021-2027.

Thanks to the ECHE accreditation, which shows the basic principles for the Erasmus + Higher Education Program and is designed as quality assurance, AHSU will carry out the Erasmus program with student and staff exchange activities between European and non-European countries during the 2021-2027 period.

With ECHE accreditation, AHSU will be able to carry out activities for students, academic and administrative staff to receive education, lecture or vocational internships in another institution, thanks to the Main Action 1 (KA1) – Learning Mobility of Individuals projects within the scope of Erasmus + Program.

AHSU will be able to carry out strategic partnership projects between the educational institutions of the program member countries in order to develop, transfer and / or implement innovative practices at institutional, local / regional, national or international level with Main Action 2 (KA2) – Cooperation for Innovation and Good Practices projects.

AHSU Main Action 3 (KA3) – With its support projects for Policy Reform, it will continue to benefit from projects carried out in order to encourage policy making based on scientific foundations and to share good practices in this field by receiving grants.

Güncelleme Tarihi: 29 March 2021