AHSU’s Investments in the Medical Device Park Continue

AHSU continues its development in the field of healthcare provision by enriching its device park with its strong investments. In this context, new high-tech ultrasound devices and an echocardiography device began to be used. Stating that they are happy to provide health services with state-of-the-art medical devices at AFSÜ Health Application and Research Center Hospital, AFSÜ Rector Prof. Dr. Okumuş said “We will continue to enrich our device park by modernizing it.”.

2 medium and 1 high-level Color Doppler Ultrasound Devices to be used in the Department of Radiology of AHSU Faculty of Medicine, to be used in the examination of organs such as neck, arms, legs, kidneys and liver, arteries and veins and to detect the occlusions of these vessels are bought. The new devices can also be used in the detailed examination of tumorous and inflammatory formations in organs such as breast, testis, thyroid, parathyroid, lymph nodes.

Color Doppler Ultrasonography, an imaging method that uses high-frequency sound waves to measure blood flow in the veins, is used in the diagnosis of various vascular-related conditions such as blood clots and poor blood circulation. Echocardiography is used in AHSU Pediatric Cardiology Polyclinic to investigate the origins of congenital and acquired diseases. The echocardiography device, which is also used in the diagnosis and follow-up of heart failure in children, can also diagnose heart diseases in children in the womb.

Güncelleme Tarihi: 29 March 2021