The First Book of the General Surgery Lessons Book Set Has Been Published

Studies of AHSU academicians continue to be published as a book. The first book of the General Surgery Lessons Set, “General Surgery Lessons First Book: Basic Subjects and Concepts” which will consist of seven books in total, took its place on the shelves.

Our Rector Prof. Dr. Nurullah Okumuş, in the preface of the book he has written, thanked those who contributed, by stating that although the book was prepared primarily for medical students, interns and assistants, it is a resource that every healthcare professional will find useful information.

Its editorship was taken over by AHSU Faculty of Medicine, Head of Department of General Surgery Professor Dr. Sezgin Yılmaz, AHSU Faculty of Medicine, Faculty Member of the Department of General Surgery, Mehlika Bilgi Kırmacı and Şanlıurfa Mehmet Akif İnan Training and Research Hospital Deputy Chief Physician Op. Dr. Esat Taylan Uğurlu.

The book contains twenty-three chapters signed by twenty-five physicians and a lawyer, most of whom are faculty members of AHSU.

Some of the titles in the book are: History of Surgery (Until the Republic Period – Post-Republic Period), The Criminal and Legal Responsibility of the Physician for Medical Intervention, Pre-operative Preparation and Evaluation, Types of Catheters and Uses, Post-operative Patient Follow-up and Care, Surgical Monitoring, Mechanical Ventilation, Acid-Base Balance and Disorders, Nutritional Therapy in Surgical Patients, Wound Healing, Surgical Infections, Antibiotherapy in Surgical Patients, Hemostasis, Surgical Bleeding and Transfusion, Principles of Laparatomy and Laparoscopy, Basic Interventional Radiological Procedures Applied to Abdomen, Surgical Organization and Role of Surgeon .

The author’s staff of the 356-page book, published under the label of Academician Bookstore, includes the following names: Yüksel Arıkan, Nazmiye Özenbaş, Özlem Çetin Akıcı, Elif Büyükerkmen, İkbal Emre Kılıç, Özge Okursoy Katırağ, Şule Çilekar, Abdullah Karakaya, Feyza Aşıkuzunoğlu, Enes Şahin, Murat Akıcı, Murat Çilekar, Fatih Gürsoy, Derya Korkmaz, İhsan Tümkaya, Serkan Ademoğlu, Mustafa Yavuz, Bartu Badak, Esra Özgül, Cem Algın.

The set of “General Surgery Lessons” prepared by our academicians will continue with the second book titled “Approach to the Trauma Patient”.


Güncelleme Tarihi: 29 March 2021