Operations in AFSU Cardiovascular Surgery Clinic Save Children’s Lives

In AFSU, where the the operations of pediatric patients who came to our hospital from Afyonkarahisar and our region due to congenital heart disease could not be performed before 2019, patients were referred to hospitals in other cities. Successful operations have been carried out for our pediatric patients as well as our adult patients in AFSU for the last two years. These surgeries are successfully applied to patients from abroad as well as patients from other cities.

Thanks to the improvements made in the physical conditions, intensive care unit and academic staff in AFSU Cardiovascular Surgery Clinic under the leadership of Our Rector Prof. Dr. Nurullah Okumuş, who is also a Child Health and Diseases Specialist, heart surgeries of pediatric patients are successfully performed as in the cardiovascular surgery of adults.

AFSU Faculty of Medicine Dean and Head of the Department of Cardiovascular Surgery Prof. Dr. Necip Becit stated that the treatment of pediatric cardiac patients requires more than one department to work as a team. Stating that the diagnosis of patients, the operation process and postoperative intensive care and long-term follow-up require teamwork, Prof. Dr. Becit noted that with the “Pediatric Cardiology” and the newly established “Pediatric Intensive Care Clinic”, which have been available in AFSU for seven years, diseases that require surgical intervention are being treated in pediatric patients.

Prof. Dr. Necip Becit explained: “Recently, many surgeries have been performed, including new-borns weighing less than 1000 grams. Some of these operations were the closure of the ductus, the opening part between the two large arteries originating from the heart, which is normally open in the womb and needs to be closed after birth; congenital heart diseases such as aortic coarctation where sufficient blood could not be supplied to the lower half of the body due to the stenosis in the aortic vessel, which is the main vessel in the chest.

The operations of these patients were successfully performed and the patients were discharged with full recovery in a very short time thanks to the close follow-up of the Cardiovascular Surgery and Pediatrics Clinic. The fact that these surgeries, which require a long period of 7-10 days before and after the operation, can be performed in Afyonkarahisar significantly reduces the cost and moral losses of our citizens in big cities.”

Güncelleme Tarihi: 28 April 2021