“Afyon Plaque” Takes Place into Medical Literature to Increase Patient Comfort in Orthopedic Treatment

The legal process for the use of AFSU Faculty Member Associate Professor Dr Mehmet Nuri Konya’s patented implant design called “Afyon Plaque” is expected to be completed. Summarizing the function of Afyon Plaque as a new implant system to be used in the treatment of fractures that may develop after hip replacement prosthesis applications, Dr. Konya said that they aim to provide a more comfortable use for patients in this way.

Having been an Associate Professor at AFSU at Faculty of Medicine in the Department of Surgical Medical Sciences at Department of Orthopedics and Traumatology since 2014, Dr. Konya said that Afyon Plaque, which they have patented, can be used in patient treatment after the related process is completed.

Dr. Konya said: “We apply a prosthesis that replaces the hip joint in case of any fracture or calcification. Fractures can be seen at the end of the prosthesis for various reasons, and because the inside of the canal is extremely narrow, we have difficulty in detecting them. Based on this difficulty, I thought that I could adapt the U-nails used in orthopedic practice to the plates. Thus, we both extend the life of our implant and perform a more durable fixation process.”

Dr. Konya emphasized that the use of Afyon Plaque provides a more comfortable treatment for the patient, and also noted that with this application, while the duration of the operation is reduced, the side effects are also reduced. He said that the prosthesis was completely removed and replaced with a new prosthesis in the current practice and added that this method is both costly and can cause problems such as blood loss and prolongation of the operation time for the patient.

Dr. Konya continued his words as follows: “We tested the implant models which we designed with my colleagues Uğur Yüzügüldü, Recep Altın and Uğur Fidan, and our study on this subject was published in the International Orthopedic Journal of the International Orthopedic Surgery and Traumatology Association. In fact, our first publication about this plaque was published this year in Kocatepe Medical Journal, which is the publication organ of our university. We had the opportunity to cite our own journal in our article published in an international journal.

Afyon Plaque, which we applied to the Patent Institute in 2016 and got approval in 2018, is now ready for use. Under the auspices of Our Rector Prof. Dr Nurullah Okumuş, who always supports us, we hope that it will be offered for sale in the national and international markets after the completion of the legal processes and certification processes.

Güncelleme Tarihi: 14 September 2021