July 15 Coup Attempt was Explained at AFSU’s Veteran was in the Parliament That Night Conference

In the event organized by AFSU as part of the 15 July Democracy and National Unity Day, Ankara University Rector Prof. Dr. Necdet Ünüvar gave a conference titled “Veteran was in the Parliament that night”. Governor Gökmen Çiçek, Supply and Garrison Commander Brigadier Osman Alp, Mayor Mehmet Zeybek, Chief Public Prosecutor Fatih Karabacak, Head of Judicial Justice Commission Fatih Serdar Köken, President of Administrative Court Yasin Ayna, Provincial Gendarme Commander J. Alb. Yılmaz Kırgel, Provincial Police Chief Ali Temiz and other protocol members, AFSU academics and administrative staff attended to the activity which took place in Akrones Hotel.


Before the conference, an exhibition of 64 photographs taken by Anadolu Agency photojournalists during the July 15 coup attempt was visited, and after the Moment of Silence and the National Anthem, the videos with the theme “Turkey is Impenetrable”, prepared by the Directorate of Communications, were watched.

Prof. Dr. Okumuş: “The aim of this coup attempt was not to seize the administration, but to serve the administration to the enemies of our country.”

Our Rector Prof. Dr. Nurullah Okumuş, in his greeting speech at the event, emphasized that the July 15 coup attempt had different characteristics compared to other coups in world history and said, “Unlike other coups, the aim of this coup attempt was not to seize the administration, but to serve the administration to the enemies of the Republic of Turkey.”

Prof. Dr. Okumuş said: “In this coup attempt, the nation as a whole was targeted, not the military and the administration. In this coup attempt, the values ​​of the nation such as friendship, brotherhood, solidarity, culture and religion were targeted. Discrimination, corruption and instability were targeted in this coup attempt. In this coup attempt, democracy, the Republic, the Grand National Assembly of Turkey which was founded by Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk and his comrades, were targeted. Fortunately, our nation, with its superior foresight and patriotism, has shown that it is conscious of such interventions.”

Governor Çiçek: “On the night of July 15, incredible heroism took place.”

Governor Gökmen Çiçek, who stated in his speech that July 15 was a major turning point in our history, said, “July 15 is a very important turning point not only for our history but also for the history of world coups. It also set an example for other nations in the world.”

Governor Çiçek continued his words as follows: “After this coup attempt, the people started to show resistance similar to ours against the coup attempt in many countries. This nation has shown to the whole world that the governments in countries will not change with the decisions made abroad. On the night of July 15, unimaginable heroism took place. Our relative, neighbor, friend shielded to the bullets that night, lay down in front of the tank and resisted the blow. There were heroes who say that a person dies once. So there are still heroes in this country who stand up for their values.”

Ankara University Rector Prof. Dr. Necdet Ünüvar talked about what happened in the Grand National Assembly of Turkey on the night of July 15 at his conference accompanied by a presentation.

Emphasizing that Allah gave the people’s hearts the duty to protect, and, if necessary, sacrifice his life on July 15, Prof. Dr. Ünüvar said, “People made an effort in this direction. Fate manifested itself in this direction.”

Noting that the deputies in the parliament gave the message that we are here, we are here at the expense of our lives, Prof. Dr. Ünüvar noted that the presence of deputies from all parties in the parliament that day  was very important for  the unity and solidarity.

After the conference, the event where the Provincial Mufti Sinan Kazancı prayed for our martyrs, ended with a gift presentation to  Prof. Dr. Ünüvar and a group photo shoot.

Güncelleme Tarihi: 29 September 2021