The EU Report, of which our faculty member is among the authors, has been published

Our academic staff continues to contribute to national and international projects with their knowledge. The report titled “Concrete Policy Suggestions for Overcoming the Challenges in Patient Blood Management Decision-Making Processes” co-authored by Head of Department of Pediatric Hematology at AFSU Faculty of Medicine and Responsible Physician of the Blood Transfusion Center Assoc. Dr. İbrahim Eker, was presented to the public.

In the report published within the scope of the “Technical Assistance Project for the Development of the Blood Transfusion Management System in Turkey” financed by the EU and the Republic of Turkey, patient blood management practices in three EU countries are examined by the experts of these countries in order to set an example for the practices in Turkey.

Stating that the study of which other authors are Dr. Jose Luis Bueno from Spain, Dr. Cynthia So-Osman from the Netherlands and Dr. Peter Heimer from Germany was prepared to facilitate the decision-making mechanism regarding patient blood management practices, Assoc. Dr. İbrahim Eker said that with the report, it is aimed to examine and discuss both the situation in Turkey and the practices in leading countries in this regard, and to present concrete change proposals that will contribute positively to the patient blood management and transfusion process in our country in the light of the lessons learned.

Noting that the country-wide surveys were analyzed in order to reveal the situation in Turkey on the subject, Assoc. Dr. Eker stated that in addition to examining the patient blood management practices in three EU countries, he made face-to-face interviews with the surgical branch physicians and transfusion center managers in 10 pilot hospitals in our country, and examined the difficulties faced by physicians and hospitals in the patient blood management process.

You can click the link to view the report.

Güncelleme Tarihi: 30 November 2021