2020-2021 Academic Year Awards Have Been Given to Our Student Clubs and Societies

Among the student clubs and societies operating within AFSU, awards were given to those who achieved successful activities in various fields in the 2020-2021 academic year. Club and community presidents awards were given by our rector Prof. Dr. Nurullah Okumuş, Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Ümit Dündar,  general secretary Z. Kutay Erşen, Head of Health, Culture and Sports  Filiz Özden Yılmaz, deputy  general secretaries  Yakup Saban and Lütfullah Karaca. Stating that students come together in clubs and societies that are an integral part of university life to support their social, cultural and academic development, AFSU Student Clubs and Societies Coordination Board President Prof. Dr. Ümit Dündar said, “These clubs and societies operate in many fields from sports to music, from science to technology, from culture to art, from environment to social responsibility projects. Even though some studies were interrupted due to the epidemic, our students continued their activities even during this process.”

Pointing out that university education gains meaning with the active participation of students in every field of life, Prof. Dr. Dündar said: “As AFSU, we stand by and support student societies at all stages of their establishment and activities. In recent years, our university’s student clubs and societies have been operating in the fields of science, art, culture and sports with national, international and regional scientific activities, and contribute to the promotion of AFSU with music, social responsibility projects, entrepreneurship, sports and education activities.

As AFSU Student Clubs and Societies Coordination Board, we evaluated and rewarded the club and community activities held in the 2020-2021 academic year in order to promote our successful clubs and societies and to encourage all our students to such activities. On this occasion, we congratulate the administrators, academic advisors and members of the award-winning student clubs and societies, and wish success to all our old and new clubs and societies in their new term studies.”

1-AFSU HCS  Special Award (To AFSU Young Red Crescent Club for their participation in Izmir Earthquake relief efforts)
2-Assoc. Prof. Dr. Fahri Adalı Professional Development Award (AFSU Turkish Medical Students Association)
3- Prof. Dr. Murat Tosun Social Contribution Award (AFSU Live Environment Club)
4-The Most Participating Event of the Year (To AFSU Turkish Medical Students Association for the event titled Don’t Tell My Mother I’m a Surgeon)
5-The Most Active Club/Community of the Year (AFSU Young Green Crescent Club)
6-The Most Emotional Event of the Year (To AFSU Painting Group- AFSU Pharmacy Club- AFSU Music Group- AFSU FTR Group for the joint event they organized on the occasion of 8 March International Women’s Day)
7-The Most Interesting Event Title of the Year (AFSU Dentistry Club)
8-Best Poster of the Year (AFSU FTR Community)
9-Breakthrough Club/Community of the Year (AFSU Young Dentistry Club)
10-Event of the Year (To AFSU Science and Research Club for their activities titled Covid-19 Pandemic, Latest Developments in Immunology, Vaccine and Antibody Tests)
11-Promising Club/Community of the Year (AFSU Paramedic Club)
12-The Most Active Club/Community in Social Media of the Year (AFSU Pharmacy Club)
13-Surprise Event of the Year (to AFSA Sports Club for the basketball game organized as part of the 14 March Medicine Day Event)



Güncelleme Tarihi: 14 January 2022