Our Rector Prof. Dr. Okumuş Explained Medicine to Science High School Students

Our Rector, Prof. Dr. Nurullah Okumuş gave a conference at Afyonkarahisar Süleyman Demirel Science High School (ASDFL). As the first guest of the Career Days events, Prof. Dr. Okumuş, who came together with high school students and their parents in the ASDFL conference hall informed the audience about the profession of medicine.

Listing the most basic positive features that medicine will provide to the person as analytical thinking skills, prestige, professional and economic satisfaction, Prof. Dr. Okumuş said, “Medicine is a profession that you will always be happy as long as you do it right and perform it properly.”.

Underlining that medicine is one of the professions where the feeling of “I can” or “I have succeeded” is experienced most intensely, Prof. Dr. Okumuş spoke as follows: “Look, a sick baby has come in front of you. It is seventeen days old and as of last night, the baby’s sucking is impaired. I am talking about a newborn baby whose general condition is poor, whose movements have decreased and who had morning seizures. You see that the baby is in a bad general condition, so you are connecting it to a respirator. You do a lot of testing. If you leave the baby as it is or with your standard information, you will lose it, but as a result of the research, you detect a very rare metabolic disease. With a simple treatment for that metabolic disease, seeing the baby recovers the next day, comes out of the ventilator, his breathing is relieved, the seizures stop, he starts to suckle, his activity increases, and the indescribable happiness on the family’s face is priceless.”

Stating that the job requires endurance, patience, good human relations and always loving people, Prof. Dr. Okumuş said, “You will always work hard and be resilient in medicine. You will be patient and you will love people. You will have to sacrifice some days of your daily life as well.”.

Upon the question, “Can medical students spare time for social activities?” coming from students Prof. Dr. Okumuş, answered as “When we look at the occupational groups, medicine is one of the occupational groups in which the most artists are involved. There are a lot of writers, poets, artists among us, and the social life of physicians is very good. For example, the majority of physicians use high-level musical instruments. Most of them are engaged in painting.

If you have the ability to organize your own life, you will definitely create time for yourself, not only in medicine, but no matter also what profession you are in. Because you need to empty your brain from time to time. For example, I would tell my friends, if you are on duty, you should definitely have a book in your pocket. Read a novel, even for half an hour. It doesn’t matter if it ends in three months or five months. Do you know what is the benefit of reading a novel for half an hour? Let’s say you are reading Crime and Punishment, you come out of those empty, dark and monitor-sounding corridors of the hospital you work at that moment, and you are a guest in a house in either the city or the town of Russia. Your world is changing, and it is comforting. Therefore, no matter what profession you choose, choose a profession that you will be happy and do with pleasure, and whatever your profession is, read a book, travel and make sure to take time for yourself.”

After the question-and-answer session, the event ended with the presentation of a plaque to Prof. Dr. Okumuş by ASDFL Director Turgay Bingül.

Güncelleme Tarihi: 14 January 2022