Our Students Informed Mall Visitors on Basic Life Support

AFSU First Aid and Search and Rescue Society, one of the student communities of our university, informed the public about Basic Life Support (BLS) with its booth in Afium AVM.

In the event, which was held to explain the importance of interventions to provide oxygen to the lungs with artificial respiration and to pump blood with external heart massage in order to prevent irreversible damage in people whose breathing and heart stopped, it was emphasized that the Automatic Shock Device (ASD) used in the BLS application can be easily used by non-healthcare workers.

The booth visitors expressed their satisfaction with the activities of AFSU to inform the public on health-related issues, and thanked our students and the community academic advisor, Lecturer Kamuran Çalış İbiş.

Güncelleme Tarihi: 13 June 2022