Our Rector Has Met with Future Pharmacists

AFSU Rector Prof. Dr. Nurullah Okumuş has met with the students of the Faculty of Pharmacy as part of the 2021-2022 academic year student meetings. Underlining that they aim to train innovative and entrepreneurial pharmacists who will take an active role in all levels of the pharmaceutical industry at AFSU, he said that they wish to bring into the society the well-equipped and visionary new generation pharmacists who will carry out pharmaceutical research and development studies.

AFSU Faculty of Pharmacy Deputy Deans, Assist. Prof. Dr. Ekrem Murat Gönülalan and Assist. Prof. Dr. Nurnehir Baltacı Bozkurt, and AFSU Secretary General Kutay Erşen also attended the meeting held in the Zafer Health Complex Blue Hall.

In his speech, Prof. Dr. Okumuş said that the steps taken in order to meet the superior expectations would bear fruit in time by making statements about current and prospective studies at AFSU. Pointing out that AFSU Faculty of Pharmacy is the seventh in the rankings and accepts successful students, he said that they wanted to make an education system that would be satisfied by students who choose AFSU with really good scores.

He pointed out that the perception of pharmacy as only a tradesman was a major deficiency in our society and stated that Pharmacy students would work in the R&D center for at least six months and in the field for six months. He also noted that they had implemented a training curriculum for pharmacists who would develop drugs, carry out R&D studies on drugs, have knowledge of production processes, and add value to the health sector when they started to work.

Additionally, he announced that the pharmaceutical production facility in the Zafer Health Complex would be operational soon and said that they were planning to start drug production, even if it was contracted at the beginning. He added that the construction of the laboratory where phase studies would be carried out for drugs and vaccines continued and that scientific studies would be carried out with the long-term participation of volunteers in this facility.

At the event, the demands, suggestions and comments of the students were noted and it ended with a photoshoot.

Güncelleme Tarihi: 13 June 2022