AFSU’s Academic Journal Kocatepe Medicine Continues Its Development

Kocatepe Medical Journal, which has contributed to the health literature for twenty-two years, continues to reach more scientists by being included in new national and international indexes. More than 400 scientific articles have been submitted to Kocatepe Medical Journal in the last two years.

Kocatepe Medical Journal, which has made important contributions to the medical literature since 1999, when it met with its readers, is included in the Sobiad, Europub, Türk Medline, Research Bib, Index Copernicus and J-gate indexes in addition to TR Index. Contributing to the international recognition of the work of many field experts, especially the scientists at AFSU, Kocatepe Medical Journal continues to bring qualified works and vision to the scientific community.

Kocatepe Medical Journal, which is the publication organ of AFSU Faculty of Medicine, includes scientific studies on different subjects that concern all fields of health sciences. Clinical and experimental research articles, reviews, short papers, case reports, and letters to the editor in Turkish or English are accepted for the Kocatepe Medical Journal, an open access and free publication that publishes within the framework of independent, unbiased and double-blind refereeing principles.

The editorial staff and the editorial board of Kocatepe Medical Journal, which is published four times a year in January, April, July and October, and which has received more than 400 scientific article applications in the last two years, have increased the publication quality of the journal and made it better in terms of quality and quantity.Moreover it continues its work with the aim of being included in the directories.

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Güncelleme Tarihi: 23 March 2022