Prof. Dr. Okumuş: There is a need for investment to compete with Europe in Health Tourism

Our Rector Prof. Dr. Nurullah Okumuş, Head of Health, Culture and Sports Department Filiz Özden Yılmaz and AFSU Department of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Assist. Prof. Dr. Nuran Eyvaz attended the Provincial Promotion and Development Board meeting held under the chairmanship of Afyonkarahisar Deputy Governor Mehmet Keklik. Additionally, Deputy Mayor Murat Öner, Ersan Eraslan (Head of Ministry of Culture and Tourism Department), Hüsnü Serteser (Head of Afyonkarahisar Chamber of Commerce and Industry) Mehmet Tanır (Provincial Culture and Tourism Director), thermal hotel managers and board members attended the meeting.

Deputy Governor Mehmet Keklik emphasized that all components of the city were in a total mobilization and studies had been carried out on tourism, and a presentation was made on the working principle and functioning of the Provincial Promotion and Development Board.

Prof. Dr. Okumuş said that Afyonkarahisar, which has successfully put its potential in terms of thermal water quality and operating capacity into use in recent years, should take more effective steps in this area at the meeting. Underlining that Afyonkarahisar is not in the position it deserves in terms of health tourism, he noted that according to 2018 data, Germany’s revenues from thermal health were 21 billion euros, the Czech Republic 4.5 billion euros, Poland 1.5 billion euros, while Turkey’s income in this area remained around 50 million dollars.

He said that in order to compete with European countries, which have succeeded in marketing their low-quality thermal waters by offering convenient travel and accommodation opportunities, investments should be made for facilities, infrastructure and applications that take care of individuals with special needs, especially patients who have to undergo physical therapy.

Güncelleme Tarihi: 13 June 2022