Our Faculty Member Has Been Deserved of the Health Award of the Year

AFSU Faculty of Medicine, Department of Internal Medicine, Dr. Faculty Member Semiha Orhan was deemed worthy of the health award of the year, together with Afyon State Hospital nurses Saliha Kaya and İsa Çelik, on behalf of all healthcare professionals, for their successful fight against the coronavirus.

Receiving his award at the Ahmet İpek Cafe Life 2021 award ceremony, which was held for the fourth time, Dr. Semiha Orhan said that like all healthcare professionals around the world, healthcare professionals in Turkey and Afyonkarahisar are working hard and wearing out due to the pandemic.

Expressing that the difficult process due to the pandemic continues, Dr. Orhan said, “I would like to thank the selection committee for considering me worthy of this award. I wish to see you in healthier days.” he said.

Güncelleme Tarihi: 13 June 2022