We Signed the Second Term Protocol of the Start Up Erasmus+ National Mobility Consortium

Our Vice-Rector Prof. Dr. Adem Aslan attended the “Start Up Erasmus+ National Mobility Consortium” meeting held in Uşak. At the meeting, the second term protocol of the Start Up Erasmus+ National Mobility Consortium which was accepted under the coordination of Uşak University, in partnership with AFSU, Ankara Hacı Bayram Veli, Eskişehir Teknik, Gaziantep İslam Science and Technology, Kayseri, Konya Teknik, Kütahya Health Sciences, Samsun, Trabzon and Ankara Science Universities was signed.

At the meeting, information on the activities planned to be carried out by the partner institutions within the scope of the project and the mobility envisaged between the partners and the distribution of grants were shared and the principles of the protocol were discussed. At the meeting AFSU Prof. Dr. Adem Aslan, Director of the International Relations Application and Research Center Asst. Prof. Murat Yeşil, Deputy Director Lecturer Murat Şen, Erasmus+ Institutional Coordinator Lecturer Cemile Terzier represented AFSU. After the meeting, Rector Prof. Dr. Ekrem Savaş showed the representatives of the project partner universities about the Bir Eylül Campus.

Güncelleme Tarihi: 13 June 2022