AFSU Family Grows: 2022 Academic Promotion, Appointment and Award Ceremony Held

The 2022 Academic Promotion, Appointment and Award Ceremony, in which 160 newly appointed academicians were honored at AFSU, was held with the participation of the provincial protocol. In addition to Governor Gökmen Çiçek, Supply and Garrison Commander Brig. Osman Alp, Chief Public Prosecutor Fatih Karabacak, Head of the Judicial Justice Commission Fatih Serdar Köken, President of the Administrative Court Yasin Ayna, Afyon Kocatepe University Rector Prof. Dr. Mehmet Karakaş, President of the Bar Association Atty. Turgay Şahin, Provincial Gendarmerie Commander Senior Colonel Yılmaz Kırgel, Deputy Mayor Süleyman Karakuş, Provincial Health Director Serhat Korkmaz, Provincial Culture Director Mehmet Tanır, academics and administrative staff from AFSU joined the ceremony.

After a moment of silence and the singing of the National Anthem, the ceremony started with a music concert where the educators and students of the AKU State Conservatory Turkish Art Music Department performed the songs of the physician and composer Alaeddin Yavaşça.

We are grateful to Afyonkarahisar residents for being with us

In his opening speech, Our Rector Prof. Dr.  Nurullah Okumuş reminded that AFSU’s first academic appointment and promotion ceremony was held in the same hall in December 2019, and said, “Our second ceremony was blessed today because the pandemic intervened. On this occasion; I would like to emphasize that we are grateful to the Afyonkarahisar protocol, institution managers, philanthropic business people, members of the press and all sensitive civil society representatives of our city, who always motivate us and support us at every stage, on the way we set out to move AFSU forward as a strong and respected institution. ”

Prof. Dr. Okumuş continued his speech as follows: “Today, we see with great pleasure that AFSU, which contributes to the development of Afyonkarahisar and our country with its human capital, services and values ​​it produces, has become a brand whose value is increasing day by day.

I hope our university  will continue to be an institution  increasing the momentum of success that it has already achieved with the initiatives of which it is the owner, pioneer and stakeholder, who eat the bread of these lands and drink their water and  who is proud of and feels loyalty to this country.

As Afyonkarahisar and its region have an exceptional brand in their field of activity, I hope and wish that, as we will all witness in the coming months and years, AFSU will come to the fore even more as a research-development, education and health services organization whose impact goes beyond the borders of the country in terms of the services it provides.

Together with all my colleagues who are currently in this hall and cannot be with us due to our services that should continue uninterruptedly, our effort, aim and dream is to move AFSU to a more successful position with the sheer mind. May Allah not embarrass us in this effort.

14 March Medicine Day is a day that takes its source from education and the idea of ​​independence.

A week ago, we celebrated the 14th March Medicine Day with all the employees of the health community. The special day we celebrate on the occasion of the 195th anniversary of the opening of the Mekteb-i Tıbbiye, which is considered the milestone of modern medical education in our country, on March 14, 1827, is actually a gift to us from the medical students who protested the occupation of Istanbul in 1919. In this respect, it is not possible to see March 14 as a professional day, where only the health community expresses its demands and the issues related to health services are on the agenda a little more than usual.

In the 21st century, in terms of the registration of Turkey’s power as a fully independent world state in the field of health, as in every other field, we cannot be proud of the fact that we have such a unique day of commemoration and understanding in our history, which is based on education and the idea of ​​independence. Because being a physician, being a health worker is a laborious art. We have to be there for people in their most difficult moments and in their most troubled times. Therefore, ours is not just a profession to earn money. Otherwise, we would not be able to resume our work every day, as if nothing had happened, with a sincere prayer, a sincere thank you or a patient’s smile, despite all the hardships, difficulties, tiredness, and violence. ”

At the end of his speech prof. Dr. Okumuş stated that he hoped that all healthcare professionals, who serve 24/7, hot-cold, day-night, east-west and without any discrimination, will receive the respect they deserve. He made the people in the hall watch  the short video prepared for 5th grade student Mert Efe Uzun’s letter titled “Dear Mercy” who won the first prize in the letter contest  themed “Loyalty to Health Care Professionals”.

My Endless Thanks to AFSU Family

Governor Gökmen Çiçek, who was presented to the podium after prof. Dr Okumuş, said the following in his speech: “It is difficult to be new. It takes months to re-establish a huge university and bring it to a successful operation. Our university has left three and a half years behind. In this process, you never made us feel these troubles and you showed a great improvement. Today, we are moving towards the fourth year of our university, which we are really proud of. Today, I can proudly see and say that Afyonkarahisar has developed and changed in every field and has made a name for itself. Our universities have made a very important contribution to this success.”

Stating that they received the greatest support from academics in the projects carried out by the Governor’s Office, Governor Çiçek said: “Our professors at the university provide an incredible contribution to the development of the city. We see the greatest support in Women’s Culture Houses from our esteemed academics and assistants. You support without expecting anything in return. You train our women regardless of snow, winter or road. Thank you very much to our rectors and you for this support. You don’t just train students, you don’t look after patients. You are our biggest motivation and strength. I would like to express my endless thanks to the entire AFSU family.”

Güncelleme Tarihi: 13 June 2022