Young Green Crescent Members Demonstrated Their Debating Skills

In the debate which was held at our university, the question “Is it the society or the individual that makes a person addicted?” was discussed. The winner of the debate between AFSU and AKU Young Green Crescent student societies was AFSU Young Green Crescent.

 AFSU Music Group performed a musical performance for the participants among the debate presentations in which AFSU Young Green Crescent Group defended the “individual” thesis and AKU Young Green Crescent Group defended the “society” thesis. The students, who competed in groups of four, were appreciated by the audience and jury members for their mastery of the subject and their ability to express their ideas in the debate, which is a type of regular discussion in which teams defending opposing views clash their ideas. Mustafa Toptop, a member of the Green Crescent Afyonkarahisar Branch in the jury, stated that they are proud of the existence of such well-equipped young people in the fight against addiction in his speech after the event.