Graduation Enthusiasm on the Fourth Anniversary of AFSU

Hundreds of new recruits that AFSU brought to the health army on its fourth anniversary, graduated with ceremonies that lasted for three days. 2021-2022 Academic Year Graduation Ceremonies of Atatürk Health Services Vocational School (SHMYO), Faculty of Health Sciences, Bolvadin and Şuhut Vocational Schools of Health Services was held at Atatürk Congress Center with the participation of our Rector Prof. Dr. Nurullah Okumuş and our Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Ümit Dündar and our managers, academic and administrative staff, graduates and their families.

At the Atatürk SHMYO graduation ceremony attended by  Afyonkarahisar Bar Association President Atty.  Turgay Şahin and AK Party Deputy Provincial President Saadet Selcan Hıdıroğlu, after the moment of silence and the National Anthem were sung, the School Director Prof. Dr. Hasan Toktas made the opening speech stating that they graduated 525 from Atatürk SHMYO this academic year, Prof. Dr. Toktaş wished our graduates great success in their professional lives.

We sincerely believe that you will represent AFSU in the best way

In his speech, Our Rector Prof. Dr. Okumuş said that he believed that our graduates who joined the health army would represent our country, AFSU and themselves in the best possible way. Wishing the graduates health, happiness and success,  He also thanked the families of our graduates and academicians of the department for their support, efforts and devoted work.

In the ceremony, which continued with the music concert of our students, graduation plaques and certificates of achievement were given to our students who ranked high. Our graduates received their diplomas, respectively, after the speeches of our top graduates, Ebru Çevik, our Electroneurophysiology Program student, and our Physiotherapy Program student, Merve Turan.

Atatürk SHMYO Graduation Photo Gallery

Your Success in Your Professional Life Will Make Us Proud

On the second day of the ceremonies, Faculty of Health Sciences (SBF) experienced the excitement of graduation. Making the opening speech of the ceremony, SBF Dean Prof. Dr. Tolga Ertekin stated that they sent off 402 students from the faculty this year and stated that our graduates will contribute greatly to the development and protection of public health.

Prof. Dr. Okumuş said that our students will take important roles in Turkey’s health army; He said that he believed that they would protect life and promote health by acting with human love without discrimination of religion, language, race or gender.He wished our graduates success in their business life and stated that their success would make AFSU proud.

At the ceremony, which continued with the performance of the AFSU Dance Ensemble, after the graduation plates and certificates of achievement were given to our students who ranked high, our faculty top student, Nutrition and Dietetics Department student Elanur Şahin, took the podium to give her speech.

Faculty of Health Sciences Graduation Ceremony Photo Gallery

Act Responsibly Towards Society

On the last day of the Graduation Ceremonies, our Bolvadin SHMYO and Şuhut SHMYO students celebrated their graduation. The opening speeches of the ceremonies were made by Bolvadin SHMYO Director Assoc. Dr. Emre Atay and Şuhut SHMYO Director Assoc. Dr. Sevim Feyza Erdoğmuş.

In his speech, Stating that they had 52 graduates from their schools this year, Bolvadin SHMYO Director Assoc. Dr. Atay wished our graduates a successful future and best wishes. As Şuhut SHMYO, Assoc. Dr. Feyza Erdoğmuş, on the other hand, said that 120 graduates from their schools were brought to the health sector this year.

In his speech, Our Rector Prof. Dr. Okumuş underlined knowing the value of human and human health, being honest and being beneficial individuals for humanity. Stating that all of our graduates have great responsibilities towards the society, Prof. Dr. Okumuş added that the door of AFSU will always be open to our graduates.

At the ceremony, which continued with the concert of the music group, after the presentation of their graduation plates and certificates of achievement to our students, Sezin Ayşe Çetin, a graduate of the Bolvadin SHMYO Medical Documentation and Secretarial Program, and Sinan Avcı, a graduate of the Pathology Laboratory Techniques Program, each of the Şuhut Health Services Vocational School gave speeches.

AFSU 2021-2022 Graduation Ceremonies ended with a souvenir photo shoot and the throwing of caps.

Bolvadin and Suhut SHMYO Graduation Ceremony Photo Gallery