Our Staff Received Occupational Health and Safety Awareness Training

Our staff from various academic and administrative units received occupational health and safety awareness training. In the event held in the Blue Hall, firstly, a presentation was made by Lecturer Murat Baraz. He made detailed explanations about general occupational safety rules, obligations of employers and employees, statistics on occupational diseases and work accidents, problems within the scope of occupational health and safety, and solutions for them.

Lecturer Abdi Atılgan, on the other hand, talked about the occupational health and safety legislation and the measures to be taken to ensure and protect occupational health and safety. He pointed out that occupational accidents occur due to environmental, personal, and educational factors, and he emphasized that a large part of these accidents are caused by human-induced negligence.

Awareness training was ended with the presentation of certificates of appreciation by our Deputy Secretary General Yakup Saban and our Head of Health, Culture and Sports Department Filiz Özden Yılmaz.

Güncelleme Tarihi: 22 December 2022