Problem-Based Learning Course Held at AFSU

23 of our faculty members participated in the Problem Based Learning (PBL) Course held at AFSU Faculty of Medicine.

In the teaching staff of the PBL Course, which is a participatory learning method that aims to develop the necessary problem solving, theoretical knowledge and communication skills in a medical career, AFSU Faculty of Medicine Department of Family Medicine Head Prof. Dr. Nazlı Şensoy, Head of the History of Medicine and Ethics Department Assoc. Dr. Hasan Erbay from the Department of Medical Pharmacology, Prof. Dr. Selim Kortunay and Prof. from Selçuk University Faculty of Medicine, Department of Anatomy. Dr. Nadire Ünver Doğan took part.

After the theoretical training on the definition and principles, technique and application, guidance and scriptwriting of PBL, which is one of the student-centered interactive learning methods in the course, the PBL sessions in which our trainee lecturers took part as learners were held with sample scenarios.

The course ended with the presentation of participation certificates to our faculty members who completed the training.

We expect that various standard and final products that are produced in the field will create new fields of activity for the farmers and industrialists of our region, both with this project and the other projects we are carrying out. In these application areas, bioactive components of herbal raw materials and medicinal mushrooms that will be used in the development of domestic drugs will be obtained with the work of both academicians and farmers and industrialists. we also foresee increasing the employability and the quality of service offered to disadvantaged segments by ensuring the continuity of the infrastructure to be established with our project, the results and outputs of which are complementary to the studies on medicinal and aromatic plants and domestic drug production within AFSU.

I would like to thank the Minister of Industry and Technology, Mr. Mustafa Varank for the approval of our project, the officials of Zafer Development Agency for their unwavering support throughout the process and our valuable teachers for their efforts and devoted work in project development.

Güncelleme Tarihi: 6 February 2023