We Thanked AFSU’s Earthquake Heroes for Volunteering in Relief Efforts

After the earthquakes centered in Kahramanmaraş and affecting 11 provinces, AFSU organized an appreciation ceremony for our staff who participated in the aid and support activities carried out by AFSU. In his speech at the ceremony, our Rector Prof. Dr. Nurullah Okumuş stated that AFSU’s staff who voluntarily provided health and support services in the earthquake region worked with great devotion and said, “Your efforts helped the earthquake victims overcome the trauma they experienced, gave them morale and showed how strong and resilient our nation is in the face of disasters.”

AFSU staff who participated in aid and support activities by volunteering in the cities affected by the earthquakes, which were described as the disaster of the century, were presented certificates of appreciation and gifts at a ceremony held in the Blue Hall of the Faculty of Medicine. Dean of Faculty of Medicine Prof. Dr. Necip Becit, Dean of Faculty of Pharmacy Prof. Dr. Cengiz Sarıkürkcü, Chief Physician of AFSU Hospital Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ahmet Ali Tuncer, Deputy Chief Physicians Prof. Dr. Tulay Köken, Assoc. Dr. Serkan Gökaslan, Assoc. Dr. İbrahim Eker and Assoc. Dr. Aydın Balcı, Chief Manager of AFSU Hospital Hatip Aydın, İbrahim Türk, Mustafa Budak, Seçkin Kırmacı and Serhan Toy, institution managers and AFSU staff attended the ceremony.

Prof. Dr. Okumuş pointed out that those among AFSU staff who actually took part in the region and struggled with the devastating effects of the earthquake, as well as those who voluntarily participated in the aid and support efforts in Afyonkarahisar, instilled both courage and hope in our people who were suffering, and said, “Your sacrifices are an exemplary behavior for humanity. Your contributions played a major role in meeting the needs of earthquake victims. Such an example of solidarity is a source of pride for all of us.”

After the speeches, the ceremony ended with a commemorative photo shoot, where the managers of the institution presented certificates of appreciation and gifts to our volunteer staff.

Güncelleme Tarihi: 24 October 2023

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