AFSU Retains the Title of “Mother and Baby Friendly Health Institution”

Afyonkarahisar Health Sciences University Health Application and Research Center (SUAM) maintained its title of “Mother and Baby Friendly Health Institution” by providing all the necessary conditions. AFSU-SUAM employees, who managed to receive this title for the first time in 2005, were thanked for their diligent work in getting the title of “Baby-Friendly Newborn Intensive Care”. AFSU Oral and Dental Health Application and Research Center has been holding the title of “Mother and Baby Friendly Health Organization” since 2019.

In order to ensure that breastfeeding becomes a successful and established practice in cooperation with the Ministry of Health and the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), the “Breast Milk Promotion and Baby-Friendly Health Organizations Program” was launched in 1991. The program includes health institutions providing maternity services, primary health care institutions and newborn intensive care units, and Breastfeeding Counseling practitioner and trainer trainings are organized as a part of this program. In the program, in which health institutions are examined by the National Evaluation Teams, those who score 80 and above are presented to the Supreme Committee and the Baby Friendly Title is awarded as a result of the evaluation.

Within the framework of this program, which aims to encourage breast milk and to give mothers the right habits about breastfeeding, health institutions that inform prospective mothers about breast milk and breastfeeding, ensure that mothers breastfeed their babies after birth, and help mothers on how to breastfeed their babies with up-to-date health personnel trained with up-to-date information gains the title of “Mother and Baby Friendly Health Institution.”