Pharmacy Students Has Visited the Pharmaceutical Production Facility in Sakarya.

Junior pharmacy students of AFSU visited the Neutec Company in Sakarya in company with academicians. The students visited the facility under the guidance of Assist. Prof.  Muharrem Ölçer (Head of the Pharmacy Technology Department) and together with Assist. Prof.  Ozan Kılıçkaya, Research Assistant Halise Betül Aslan, Assoc. Prof.  Serap Şahin Bölükbaşı, and Pharmacist Sümeyye Çepni.

During the visit, which started with the informative presentation of the company officials, various parts of the facility were inspected. The students had the opportunity to learn about internship and career opportunities during the visit, which included detailed information about raw materials, microbiology, quality-control laboratories, solid dosage form production facilities, primary and secondary packaging areas in the facility.

The students thanked the officials of the company and the AFSU Health, Culture, and Sports Department as they returned to Afyonkarahisar with great satisfaction from the trip which ended with a question and answer session.

Güncelleme Tarihi: 8 August 2022